Who Sang Under the Full Eclipse? The Becoming

The Becoming Vol. I cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-9-30
length: 5:33
I kissed the death of our hearts today
Now I'm addicted to the way it tastes
Can you feel it setting in?
This world it gets so cold sometimes
It's you that makes me feel this way
I can't help you, I can't begin to explain

Tell me if it's wrong
Can we take it?
To be holding on
Can we make it?
Can we make it through this endless night?
There's a piece of you haunting me
Every street became a memory
And I've been losing hope in love
Our scars may never heal with time

I cannot bare the thought
Of having loved and lost
And waking up each day
Knowing that something's gone
My world is closing in
Oh what a deadly kiss
But love can still survive
Under the full eclipse

CD 1
  • 1 Dressed In Black
  • 2 The One To Hurt You
  • 3 Our First Sunrise
  • 4 I Cry
  • 5 Silent as the grave
  • 6 The Night That Has No Morning
  • 7 We're Already Dead
  • 8 Your Love
  • 9 Heaven Isn't So Far
  • 10 Somebody Didn't Come Home Last Night
  • 11 Escape You
  • 12 We Close Our Eyes
  • 13 Under the Full Eclipse