Who Sang Clowns? The Benjy Davis Project

Release information
Release Date: 2007-9-18
length: 4:21
Call up the band
Friday night we'll be playing for a well-dressed man
He's flying in from LA
If he likes what he hears, we'll be moving our way
But that didn't happen
Did a little dance and he left, left me standing by
I guess he came here looking for someone who could
Park the little car that he must drive

Giving it up!
So tired of clowns, the circus is bound for the end of the road
Giving it up!
Get back in the van; let's pick up the stands and the microphones
Giving it up!
Who needs a soul, when you can sell it to the devil for his weight in gold?
Giving it up!
You'll never frown, paint a smile on your face, you're just a clown

Walk back home
Didn't make it through the door before the telephone rang
He's talking a different tone
That demo must have been shaped like a boomerang
It flew back in, landed on the desk in the city where the pity is
His hair's a little longer, his songs are getting stronger
Can we try to do this again?


So much money and so much money
And now my train done jumped the track
I've been hit pretty hard many times in my life
But not as hard as I hit back


  • 1 The Rain
  • 2 I Love You
  • 3 Sweet Southern Moon
  • 4 Clowns
  • 5 Green and Blue
  • 6 Good Enough
  • 7 Prove You Wrong
  • 8 Whose God?
  • 9 When I Go Home
  • 10 Fine With Me
  • 11 Graves
  • 12 Over Me