Who Sang Fine With Me? The Benjy Davis Project

Release information
Release Date: 2007-9-18
length: 4:16
Living in a prison that a fool built
Nobody's making me stay
I would never say it, but my heart will
Who would want to live this way
We've been lied to, we've been cheated
Closed our eyes, took the beating
Knowing someday - that old ball will start to roll

All I want is the truth
What you gonna do when you look back and
Find your retrospect has turned on you?
Like a dog, biting at your feet
Crying out for help, but I'm telling you it won't be me this time
No one can save you now and nothing can set you free
And if you cry and scream
That's just fine with me
This time

Conscience is a funny little thing child,
Run but you can't hide
One day, gonna have to realize why it can be hard to find
Get caught up in yourself, it gets hard to see somebody else
And the pain you caused
Find yourself surrounded by everything you lost


  • 1 The Rain
  • 2 I Love You
  • 3 Sweet Southern Moon
  • 4 Clowns
  • 5 Green and Blue
  • 6 Good Enough
  • 7 Prove You Wrong
  • 8 Whose God?
  • 9 When I Go Home
  • 10 Fine With Me
  • 11 Graves
  • 12 Over Me