Who Sang Ghost Town? The Bicycles

The Bicycles The Good The Bad and The Cuddly cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-7-31
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 3:52
The colour's drained away, all the streets are bleeding perfumes
And in the checkout lines a couple jilted teary bridegrooms
The lips all stretch and dance about
And talk of days and months spent lying about
I tried to walk to your place but my bones skipped out
Yeah, this is a ghost town

Every friday night another place 'round here goes up for sale
And the place where lovers met was quarantined after the fallout scare
We wave from cars like presidents
And the weeds crowed out the monuments
I can't wait until your letter's sent
Yeah, this is a ghost town

Maybe the ground opened up
And swallowed everyone up
It's just you and me so comfortably

The news out on the wire's of a cruise ship lost out at sea
The security guard slept as a bull ran through the gallery
Some take up residence in funeral homes
Some hang thier fuzzy dice in the catacombs
Alexander Graham Bell's crying on the telephone
Yeah, this is a ghost town

Thanks to razvan

CD 1
  • 1 B-B-Bicycles
  • 2 Australia
  • 3 I Will Appear for You
  • 4 Gotta Get Out
  • 5 I Know We Have to Be Apart
  • 6 Ghost Town
  • 7 Longjohns and Toques
  • 8 The Defeat
  • 9 Luck of Love
  • 10 Paris Be Mine
  • 11 Cuddly Toy
  • 12 Randy's Song
  • 13 Please Don't Go
  • 14 Sure Was Great
  • 15 Homework
  • 16 Pomp and Circumstance
  • 17 Two Girls From Montreal