Who Sang Heyday? The Black Cat Bone

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length: 3:11
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You ain't seen me lately
You ain't heard from me
But don't you think I'm gone for good
I'm ready to rock you'll you see
I've taken some time myself
I'm ready to paint the town

No, you won't be there forever
Not while I'm around
You might be getting away with murder
You sure won't do it with my sound

'Cause you don't f*** with Black Cat Bone
You don't pay, you don't get none
Some day when your heyday is gone
I'll be singing you this song
I've paid my dues to the scene,
Had a blast everywhere I've been
Friday night at Lord's alright for me,
Hear the hardrockers screaming out and sing
You can keep your place and your so called blues
We don't need all your abuse.


We're on the stage we're on your way -
We wanna hear you people sing -
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Yeah! (x3)

...don't take any s*** from anybody...

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    script: Latin