Who Sang Redemption? The Black Cat Bone

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length: 3:35
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Workin so hard, 9 to 5.
Sick and tired, can't decide.

Try looking back a long, long time.
The music you made was so, so
Right, Now...Right...Now
It's not to late now, take the step.
No regrets, but do it today.

Look at yourself some years from now.
You wanna die old not knowing
How to live your life?
Right Now!

Now take the step, its not to late to make a...
Change will come, things will go your way.
Follow your heart, feel it inside,
Make up your mind...

Try to think when you were young and you
were free it was so long and you
Sang Hard, played loud now you
dream on when you see that crowd
Sing on! Sing on! Play Hard! Play Hard!
You gotta think about it baby put your head up high,
cause there ain't no turnin back it's either do or die!

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    script: Latin