Who Sang I Tell Myself Everything? The Blow

Release information
Release Date: 2013-9-30
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: Indie Pop/Synth-pop/Indie Rock
length: 2:48
I like not getting what I want, I guess.
I'm just reporting what the facts suggest.
I've read my journals and it appears I like torture, a lot.
I'll top or I'll bottom.
Try your cold maneuvers on me if you've got them
My endurance is awesome.
But I'm not as easy to woo as I once was
Since I got jumped by the girl of the month club.
I ascended from dumper to dumped,
Remind me sometime, I'll tell you about it.
I heard a rumor that I was amazing,
And I tell myself everything I hear about myself.
I knew that it was bad when she bought
The crucifix earring at the yardsale.
That man was an actual witch.
When I wish for pain I get my wish,
One good heartbreak and you'll sing for a decade.
This one could wound me to middle age,
I was splayed I said, "Go ahead."
Then in walks a nurse from a hot French movie
And tells me she can do things to me.
I like getting things done to me
But just then getting wrecked seemed more fun to me,
And pleasure writes fewer good songs
So I kicked out the nurse.
But we did some stuff first.
They say you are what you eat
And I was starved for attention,
I ate every eyeball that aimed my direction,
I was desperate for someone to mess with me
But so few could do it successfully.
Here we come in a slow motion strut
It's all four of me, the cool one two more
And the one careless whore of me.
I heard a rumor that I was amazing.

CD 1
  • 1 Make It Up
  • 2 A Kiss
  • 3 From the Future
  • 4 I Tell Myself Everything
  • 5 Invisible
  • 6 Like Girls
  • 7 Hey
  • 8 The Specter
  • 9 Not Dead Yet
  • 10 You're My Light