Who Sang Milkmaid? The Blow

Release information
Release Date: 2005-1-18
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Lo-Fi
While you lie in slumber
I'll wake up early and I'll go and milk the goats
You stay in bed and play around inside your dreams
You get to be the princess and you wear the cone shaped hat
Gentlemen on horse come gallop in to take your hand
I am a milkmaid and I'll bring your breakfast in
See my soiled skirt and you'll know just where I've been
In the barn, in the hay loft
The best place to...
I will pound the flour for your wedding cakes
And God will pull the garter off of your wet leg
Your wedding bed until your dead...

CD 1
  • 1 Oh Canada
  • 2 Nothing
  • 3 Why Don't You
  • 4 My Heart
  • 5 Lily Pink
  • 6 Surf Song
  • 7 Milkmaid
  • 8 Welcome
  • 9 Did You Drive
  • 10 Tidalwave
  • 11 That Boy
  • 12 I Was Singing
  • 13 In My Room
  • 14 Our Holes Are Dug