Who Sang Surf Song? The Blow

Release information
Release Date: 2005-1-18
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Lo-Fi
Hello my naked air sweetheart
You are but a creature of the ether now
But one day you’ll be warm
To flesh and we will play
I’m the shores where we all pour our hearts
We run out with tentacle arms
Waving we’ll grab on
We want it hard
Soft, soft, hard, hard
We all ache and we want
[?] and dive in the fountain
But we wait at the edge
For awhile to thirst what could quench

CD 1
  • 1 Oh Canada
  • 2 Nothing
  • 3 Why Don't You
  • 4 My Heart
  • 5 Lily Pink
  • 6 Surf Song
  • 7 Milkmaid
  • 8 Welcome
  • 9 Did You Drive
  • 10 Tidalwave
  • 11 That Boy
  • 12 I Was Singing
  • 13 In My Room
  • 14 Our Holes Are Dug