Who Sang Tidalwave? The Blow

Release information
Release Date: 2005-1-18
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Lo-Fi
You're a ocean made coaster and you're ready to pop.
You play good deed monster 'til your head falls off.
And it rolls on the ground and no one came fighting down
and we all wait until the public sanitation man will take it away.

You go away.
Until you're okay.

I always notice when you start to drown.
You haunt the streets and play the scary clown.
And I can imagine that it's hard for you to believe.
That we can even see you.
And you get into a bigger wave.
To bigger waves
To bigger waves
To bigger waves
To bigger waves
To bigger waves
To bigger waves

but we can.

I think it sucks that tidal wave is the only way
that we should come into downtown and stay
through time and proximity and probably pain.
long enough, for us to get to touch.

CD 1
  • 1 Oh Canada
  • 2 Nothing
  • 3 Why Don't You
  • 4 My Heart
  • 5 Lily Pink
  • 6 Surf Song
  • 7 Milkmaid
  • 8 Welcome
  • 9 Did You Drive
  • 10 Tidalwave
  • 11 That Boy
  • 12 I Was Singing
  • 13 In My Room
  • 14 Our Holes Are Dug