Who Sang I Must Be the Devil? The Box Tops

Release information
Release Date: 1969
Genre: Rock Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues/Soul/Classic Rock
length: 3:37
I feel low as I can go
I can't show nor let go
I feel that
I feel that
I feel that, now, I must be the Devil, baby
Whoa, better not let me catch onto you
Whoa, you better not let me, darling
Aw-w-w, I'll drag you down into this old hole
Mama don't want to see you down there, too
Uh-uh, no she don't, now

Well, I can't stop this evil feel
Do you want to make a deal?
I can't stop?
I can't stop?
I can't stop now; I must be the Devil, baby
Whoa, don't make no deals with me
Whoa, you don't want to make no deals, no you don't now
I've got a long list of broken souls
Well, it stretches far as your little eyes can see
Uh-huh, yes it do now

Well I can't bear to see my face
Wrongs done I can't erase
It's all wrong?
It's all wrong?
It's all wrong, now. Oh God! I must be the Devil, baby
Or I must just be out of my head
Oh yes, I must be out of my head, now
Well, I just don't seem to know, no more?
Whoa God?
Whoa God, you know?
Oh God?
I wish I was dead
I wish I was, I really do

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