Who Sang I Never Let You Cry? The Boxmasters

Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-21
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
Style: Country/Rockabilly
length: 2:09

The tension all built up and stayed there
The truth was never told and it lived there
Trapped behind a wall with just one side
And I'm sorry that I never let you cry

You held the sorrow in, it got the best of you
And then it grew too big and got the rest of you
Every now and then I think I hear you sigh
I'm sorry that I never heard you cry

I hope it all came out where you are now
I would take it back if I knew how
Even though I don't deserve it, I keep trying
I believe each time it rains that it's you crying
I'm sorry that I never let you cry

CD 1
  • 1 Heartbreakin’ Wreck
  • 2 Reasons for Livin’
  • 3 Hollow Walls
  • 4 Turn It Over
  • 5 I Don’t Wanna Know
  • 6 That’s Why Tammy Has My Car
  • 7 Goin’ Home
  • 8 New Mexico
  • 9 Two Weeks Notice
  • 10 Every King Wears a Crown
  • 11 You Crossed the Line
  • 12 I Never Let You Cry
    CD 2
  • 1 A Dime at a Time
  • 2 Merrimack County
  • 3 As Tears Go By
  • 4 Joanne
  • 5 Half a Mind
  • 6 Elenore
  • 7 Lord Knows I’m Drinkin’
  • 8 Big Ole Brew
  • 9 Gentle on My Mind
  • 10 Errol Flynn
  • 11 Santa Rosa
  • 12 The Boxmasters Theme