Who Sang Susan? The Buckinghams

The Buckinghams Portraits cover art
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Writer(s): Gary Beisbier, James Holvay, James William Guercio
Release Date: 1968
The Buckinghams

Susan, looks like I am losin'
I'm losin' my mind (losin' my mind)
I'm wastin' my time

Susan do you have to be confusin'
I ask myself why you're sayin' goodbye

No other girl could ever take the place of you
Though you're hurtin' me
You know I'll always be thinkin' of you
Girl I always love you

Love love love love...
I love you, yes I do, I do (2x)

Susan I love you

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 C'Mon Home
  • 2 I Love All of the Girls
  • 3 We Just Know
  • 4 We Just Know (reprise)
  • 5 Inside Looking Out
  • 6 Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song)
  • 7 Susan
  • 8 The Mail
  • 9 Big Business Advisor
  • 10 Have You Noticed You're Alive
  • 11 Have You Noticed You're Alive (reprise)
  • 12 Just Because I've Fallen Down
  • 13 Any Place in Here
  • 14 Any Place in Here (reprise)