Who Sang River of Sorrow? The Burns Sisters

Release information
Release Date: 1992
length: 3:48

I had a dream the other night
I remember the morning light
Looking out the sky was cold and gray
I was standing by a river wide
And you were on the other side
The only bridge across washed away

And I was calling to you, you couldn’t hear me
The river of sorrow raging on
Rain falling down on me
And I was just a memory
Everything we had was gone

Lying here I think of you
And all that I have put you through
Choices that I made along the way
Broken hearts both yours and mine
And all the dreams we left behind
The lessons that I learned and the price you paid

Now I’m calling to you but you can’t hear me
The river of sorrow rages on
Let the rain fall down on me
And leave me with my memories
The love that we had is gone

Yeah and I know it’s time for moving on

  • 1 The Boy From Sanantoine
  • 2 Dance Upon the Earth
  • 3 Surrender
  • 4 Glory
  • 5 River of Sorrow
  • 6 No More Silence
  • 7 Cross the River Together
  • 8 Willow
  • 9 My Fathers Blue Eyes