Who Sang Handball? The Business

Release information
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Oi
length: 2:43
3000 miles is a long way to go
To be beaten by a dwarf in Mexico
He was an aged cheat who didn't give a damn
Couldn't use his head so used his hand
They forgave the blind old sod
And Maradona claimed it was the hand of God
So out of the cup but what you expect
From a poxy little country and a circus reject

Naughty naughty

The British boys in the Mexico sun
Stood their ground a
And Hare Duke on the run
Same old story you always start
You not got the bottle and you ain't got a heart
And where the English and we play it fair
We lost the Cup but we don't care
Everyone knows the final score
But who won the Falklands war
Two or one a final score
Now on to the Falklands war

CD 1
  • 1 Get Out While You Can
  • 2 Blind Justice
  • 3 Work or Riot?
  • 4 The Employer's Blacklist
  • 5 Nobody Listened
  • 6 Suburban Rebels
  • 7 Mortgage Mentality
  • 8 Guttersnipe
  • 9 Real Enemy
  • 10 Another Rebel Dead
  • 11 Sabotage the Hunt
  • 12 Harry May
  • 13 Drinking and Driving
  • 14 Mouth an' Trousers
  • 15 Do a Runner
  • 16 Ten Years
  • 17 We'll Take 'em On
  • 18 Fear in Your Heart
  • 19 Welcome to the Real World
  • 20 Never Say Never
  • 21 Handball
  • 22 Living in Daydreams
  • 23 Look at Him Now
  • 24 We Gotta Go
  • 25 Never Say Never (reprise)