Who Sang Spanish Jails? The Business

Release information
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Oi
length: 3:54
Only nineteen with no political stance
A victim of a government, meant he hadn't a chance
Thrown into the darkness never see's the light
Beaten up so much he cannot fight

Come on Spain give him bail
Come on Spain give him bail
Come on Spain free him Come on Spain free him
From your Spanish jail

I read the morning papers, can't believe my eyes
Police the world over, always telling lies

Spanish gonna hurt you, bring you to your knees
Lock you up forever and throw away the keys

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Spanish Jails
  • 2 All Out Tonight (remix)
  • 3 Never Be Taken
  • 4 Shout It Out
  • 5 Harder Life
  • 6 Frontline
  • 7 Foreign Girl
  • 8 Nothing Can Stop Us
  • 9 Freedom
  • 10 Saturdays Heroes
  • 11 Drinking and Driving (New version)