Who Sang Rich Girl? The Cataracs

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Release Date: 2009-10-1
length: 5:02
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You're a rich girl and you've gone too far,

Cause you know it don't matter anyway

You can rely on the old man's money

You can rely on the old man's money

It's a bitch girl, it's but I've gone too far

And you know it don't matter

You know it don't matter

Anyway (too far and too far and too far and too far and)

Yeah that's my boo thang

Yeah that's my rich girl

Momma by the money

You go girl, a show whirl

Daddy's little girl, the baddest of the pearl

I'm trying to see them dickies out that baby fat devour

Got a witness stand galore

And you fuck em with the floor

I hook you up, no court

Yeah I gotta fit you

She used to the finer things

Keep ice in the tea

Yeah she nasty like Niles

But bossy like Corease

And my rich girls space ship dipping through the no

Fresh out on bail, my rich bitch never broke

I remind her of her bank account, she always wanna cash me out

Took me to the grill shop, put top and bottoms in my mouth

Like that bitch from Fresh Prince,

She stepped in the nail shop, stepped in the hair shop

Rich girl with the shit girl

Not a dumb bot, college girl, get not it girl

What a shop a lot


See you a bitch girl

At the gym getting fit girl

Daddy went out, got us some fresh pearls

But I'm your daddy now, Ima get hers

She loves strip search, girl it gets worse

Get it back to back, the ass I grab

All the way the sacks, fit ass

Fill me catch a cab, drunk packed with bags

She like "it's cool, I'll grab the tab"

Ain't even have to ask

She keep me keged up

Nd homie I ain't mad a dash?

Say she, won't take me to Paris, all on to Paris, cause Ima ballin' to Paris

Hip, Nike towns, she buy the sneakers

Like why would it be, she swipes the visa

And know I'd like to leave her

I can't complain, Can't talk, gotta catch my plane



I told ya she's a rich girl, rude kinda prude

Body silky smooth, showing light, cause I'm cool

She don't know about my struggle

Yeah she still call me ghetto

Cause I let my pants sag

And I smoke a lotta doja

Get high as I wanna

Never lose my composha, yeah she buy it off from me, supply it off from me

Whenever I cease to have peeves is thugs grapes, nd daddy's little girl let me borrow his Mercedes, ye a

High five an active crazy, looking at the world in the rear view, jazzed me and my lady

She think she got it all, but she lost without a credit card

I'm charley when I'm wit her, what's the problem officer

You're a rich girl, you don't look Prish girl

Give daddy a kiss girl

Meet me on the block

Meet me up around 3; I'll be waiting on the block

It's much shorter that things sized, Ima need it when I'm caught

Lean on that



Shit, I know this female

Daddy's got racks

When daddy ain't home she let me sit up in the lap

When daddy ain't home she let me sit back and relax

When daddy ain't home she let me hit it from the back

Daddy gets home; I put the pedal to the floor

Going bout one eighty, in the Mercedes

I see the wind blow her hair

Coco, channel diamonds are, hanging from her ear

Tell the tele news, go, blow a stack on a cup of FitsoGrammy x o

Straight to the terrain to the Hilton

To the penthouse suite

Now I'm fucken with that Paris Hilton

And it's pretty fucken cool

I've got it made, and her house ain't bad, her house so legit

King size spankin, give me head stretch my feet out, homemade meals,

So I never have to eat out


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