Who Sang Anonymous Mr. Brown? The Cats

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length: 2:23
Anonymous Mr. Brown
Wakens Up At Dawn, Puts A Brown Suit On
And A Neat Brown Tie
Matching His Brown Eyes
He'd Been Tidy, Anonymous Mr. Brown

Anonymous Mr. Brown
Sings A Little Song As He Strolls Along
Through The Flower Beds, With His Bag Old Bread
For The Birdies, Anonymous Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown Doesn't Dare
To Smile At The Lady, Sitting There
Feeding Ducks, Knitting Away While She Thinks Oh My
It's A Pity That He's So Shy
Such A Pity To Be So Shy

And The Lady, Who Feeds The Ducks
Looks At Mr. Brown With Her Eyes Cast Down
Thinks Perhaps This Week He Might Start To Speak
For I Love Him, Anonymous Mr. Brown

Then One Day, Mr. Brown
Noticed The Lady Wasn't Around
He Enquired, Found From The Keeper, She Tripped And Fell
Sent Some Flowers To Wish Her Well
Lovely Flowers To Wish Her Well

And The Keeper Who Keeps The Park
Keeps A Secret Too, With The Lady Who
Never Really Fell, But He'll Never Tell
They're So Happy That Mr. And Mrs. Brown