Who Sang Owl? The Child of Lov feat. MF DOOM

MF DOOM The Child of Lov cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-5-7
length: 3:06
producer: The Child of Lov
lead vocals: MF DOOM
performer: MF DOOM and The Child of Lov
mixer: Stephen Sedgwick
lyricist: MF DOOM
composer: The Child of Lov
arranger: The Child of Lov

Knowledge begat wisdom like the owl
Starting now, go green
Put a fat one in the air
Like a farting cow
Somehow the song's supposed to make sense, man
Whether burning ozone
Sensimilla or methane
Dealing with these matters of the heart is like a chest pain
Always feel worse before it better
Like the best brain
Find a bully
Start a fight
'Till it's lights out
When seven herbs work together like
Cardio Vic mic
'd out

Up all night
Work all day
And be a'ight
Leaning between woken and sleep like 'how?'
Keep it on the creep
Peep it like a
Wise owl

Stay up all
Workin' all day
Still be a'ight
Sleep like, wow
Keep it on the creep and
Peep it like a, a

Wasting more time
Than pa and ma spend
Paying way too much attention to a carbon palm print
Stomp the cement
Sometimes you got to get your arm bent
Just to shoot through the storm that came before the calm went

It's live sound
Chiving around
Dodging his only cousin
Like owe him five pound
To get the cheese
We in it for the cow
Living every minute like the first hours
Like infinite now
Now, now, now

All night
Work all day
Still be alright
Stay leaning between woken and sleep like 'how?'
Keep it on the creep
Peep it like a
Wise owl

Snatch it all night
Between woken and sleeping like 'how?'
Keep it on the creep, kid
Peep it like the owl

CD 1
  • 1 Call Me Up
  • 2 Heal
  • 3 One Day
  • 4 Living the Circle
  • 5 Give Me
  • 6 Go With the Wind
  • 7 Owl
  • 8 Fly
  • 9 Warrior
  • 10 Give It to the People