Who Sang I Found Out? The Christians

The Christians Colour cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Electronic Rock Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Downtempo/Synth-pop
length: 4:31
producer: Laurie Latham
engineer: Laurie Latham
composer: Henry Priestman
lyricist: Henry Priestman
I know that the earth is rotten,
And I know the whole world's corrupt,
Some say that there's really no hope,
Some say that our time is up.

(But you know)
I found out
There's a small speck of human kindness,
Buried very deep in everyone.
And I've no doubts, Time's gonna change

Sometimes, I know that you say you hate me
Sometimes, I know that I say we're through
Some say, we're not right together
But I know what I have to do
Listen to me,

I found out
That there's no one else that I could ever live with,
let's forget about the past,
And I've no doubts, our love will last
(reason to shout - calling your name)
I found out,
Hear what I'm talking about
(things gonna change)
I found out.

In the grand scheme of things,
We're just tiny grands of sand
We don't mean a thing to the powers in control,
But it's time we made a stand,
And maybe then we'll reach our goal.

I know that I'm far from clever,
And I know that I don't fit in,
But don't treat me like I'm good for nothing,
Because I see my ship's coming in.

I found out,
That no matter what they say,
They can never take away my self respect.
I've no doubts,
Tide's gonna turn
I found out
Things gonna change (reason to shout)...

CD 1
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  • 2 I Found Out
  • 3 Greenbank Drive
  • 4 All Talk
  • 5 Words
  • 6 Community of Spirit
  • 7 There You Go Again
  • 8 One More Baby in Black
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