Who Sang There You Go Again? The Christians

The Christians Colour cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Electronic Rock Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Pop Rock/Downtempo/Synth-pop
length: 6:01
producer: Laurie Latham
engineer: Laurie Latham
composer: Henry Priestman
lyricist: Henry Priestman
There ought to be a way,
For us to learn to live as one,
But the vicious games you play,
Well, they're not my idea of fun.
A dozen times you lied,
A dozen times I took you back,
Always hoping that you'd change,
But I must face the facts,
Because there you go again.

I am as trusting as a child,
A helpless fool at your command,
You can be so savage and so wild,
Or maybe more like underhand.
When the beast is gone,
The gentle soul inside you stirs,
But I know it won't be long,
Before the beast returns.

And there you go again,
But I'm out of my mind,
You hurt me so again,
And now you're out of my mind,
And there you go again, a real fairweather friend.

So,I'm leaving you today,
A sadder but a wiser man,
It don't matter what you say,
I've taken all I can.

And there you go again,
But I've made up my mind,
You won't hurt me so again,
Because you're out of my mind,
And there you go again,
But I've made up my mind.
And so the story ends,and now you're out of my mind.
There you go again, this broken heart will mend,
There you go again,
Farewell fairweather friend,

CD 1
  • 1 Man Don't Cry
  • 2 I Found Out
  • 3 Greenbank Drive
  • 4 All Talk
  • 5 Words
  • 6 Community of Spirit
  • 7 There You Go Again
  • 8 One More Baby in Black
  • 9 In My Hour of Need