Who Sang Easy? The Church

The Church Uninvited, Like the Clouds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
length: 4:10
Any day now you'll see me coming rambling down your street at night
In the broad moonlight
Underneath the blooming trees a seasons greeting's beating up the shore
So open up your door

Easy baby
You don't have to say a word
Easy now
You don't have to do a thing

You'll protect me with your arts and it all starts again surrounding me
Hiding in your haven, maybe stark and maybe raving, completely sane
It's just so plain arcane

Easy baby
You don't have to act so hard
Easy now
You don't have to be like that

Any day now you'll hear me ringing, hear me singing down the line
Or just in your mind
You'll embrace me, turn to face me, try to replace me, it will be too late
Now that's all I'll say

Easy baby
It's so hard to walk away
Easy now
You don't have to end like this

CD 1
  • 1 Block
  • 2 Unified Field
  • 3 Space Needle
  • 4 Overview
  • 5 Easy
  • 6 She'll Come Back for You Tomorrow
  • 7 Pure Chance
  • 8 Never Before
  • 9 Real Toggle Action
  • 10 Untoward
  • 11 Day 5
  • 12 Song to Go....