Who Sang Numbers? The Church

The Church After Everything Now This cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 4:30
Oh yeah
Your one and only life
Ripped from the earth with these bare hands
You dare

Question the ritual
Despite continual
Threats of "gonna get you all"

1 law for the officers
1 for the gentlemen
2 bad you 3 know what it's 4
5 for this awful dive
6 for the genetics
7 for the lucky pricks who went into heaven

We ride for miles and miles
Following the howling of our prey
Out there
Reload our yellow rigs
Scrambling for shelter
Dig a void, decay

1 for the flaming sun
2 for the location
3 for the martyrs and the stars
4 for the wind and sand
5 so you understand
6 for the slips 'twixt the cup and the lips
["Come on!" is thrown in after the last singing of this verse.]

1 for the cockpit blues
2 for the Panzer crews
3 for the vast and molten sky
4 for the failed talks
5 for the knives and forks
6 for forbidden kicks
All the yobbos in the sticks
[Steve may be saying "10" after the last verse.]

[Female voice]
C: ... 10011... 10011...
R: 10011...zeroes...
L: ...makeaveete, system overload, the ovual engine was not able to process all the required data in tone, tone, tone, tone...

CD 1
  • 1 Numbers
  • 2 After Everything
  • 3 The Awful Ache
  • 4 Song for the Asking
  • 5 Chromium
  • 6 Radiance
  • 7 Reprieve
  • 8 Night Friends
  • 9 Seen It Coming
  • 10 Invisible