Who Sang The Space Cowboy? The Cog Is Dead

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Release Date: 2015-11-25
Watch him as he sails out across the stars
He's got a bottle full of whiskey and a big cigar
You know there ain't nowhere that he calls home
s***e is the only place he'll roam
He looks across the sky
Knows he'll be out there until the day he dies
The hunt is his only joy
It's a lonely life for...
The s***e Cowboy
The s***e Cowboy

Soars through the stars in his rusted machine
Flying through s***e just letting off steam
Using any means he can
He ain't gonna stop 'til he gets his man
Watch him with precision and skill
As he takes them down without a kill
Cause the only way he's gonna claim his prize
Is to bring them in alive!

When the air is still and the lights are low
That's when he's off to make some dough

The s***e Cowboy
The s***e Cowboy
And as he wanders through the night
He's by himself and that's alright
He don't need nobody else to hold him tight
He just travels toward the next town's glowing light

Yeah he's alright...

The s***e Cowboy
The s***e Cowboy
The s***e Cowboy
The s***e Cowboy

CD 1
  • 1 Carnival of Clockwork
  • 2 Freak Show
  • 3 Repairman
  • 4 Another Cog in the Machine
  • 5 The Incredible Jelly Donut Juicer
  • 6 We All Have Fears
  • 7 Tin Man
  • 8 The Space Cowboy
  • 9 Farewell My Old Friend
  • 10 Miss Sprocket
  • 11 Run Girl Run
  • 12 The Gumbo Song
  • 13 Running Out of Steam
  • 14 Life's a Carnival!

  • Release information
    label: Timeship Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin