Who Sang Home Again? The Controls

Release information
Release Date: 1999
length: 3:50

I'm in a red zone
That's my miracle miridian
Boundaries lined with my minute men
Slipping in
S.O.S. Messages float cold, captive in glass bottles
While timidly crash-test authors spawn mountains of trash novels
Bone Crush
Skeletal Blemish
Sportin' super-fresh caffeinated-hate
Raise amalgamated shakes for the shield (yeah)
Yield to the mood slopes
With blue notes the silent launch lifted but I think the ground shifted when I walked
Yeah I'm the very model of a modern major general
You're pitiful
I think it was the tragedies of science versus the world's technical marvels when Thermo-Nuclear Aes left the planet chemically startled
(I'm very effective I might add)

CD 1
  • 1 Opium Dream
  • 2 Terrified of Nothing
  • 3 Key to Nord
  • 4 Shere Khan
  • 5 100
  • 6 Coward of the Year
  • 7 Shadow of a Man
  • 8 You'll Hide
  • 9 Home Again
  • 10 Muses of Levaquin
  • 11 New York City 1999