Who Sang Poisoned Rose? Elvis Costello feat. The Attractions and The Confederates

The Confederates King of America cover art
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Release Date: 1986-2-21
length: 4:07
The poisoned rose
That you gave to me
It left me half alive, and
Half in ecstasy

But if half of your love
Is all I can win
Give me just a fraction
But no more medicine

The poisoned rose
On a Valentine card
That you take straight to the heart, that
You call my junkyard

But if all I can do
Is save pieces of you
The piece of your mind
The piece of your heart

Didn't tear me apart
Like the poisoned rose
I received from you

I don`t know
How we came to grow
Into this very sad affair
Every time we do the decent thing
Somebody spikes the drink
And a single becomes a pair

The poisoned rose
That you wear at your best
That I keep pressed between the white sheets
Where you lie half undressed

I threw away my shirt and shoes
You looked and I dived in
It's just you and me now
'Cause I threw away the gin
I threw away your alibis, and
All your worn-out clothes
Threw myself upon the floor, but
I couldn't throw away

This poisoned rose
This poisoned rose
This poisoned rose

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    country(area): Germany
    script: Latin