Who Sang Scarlet Ribbons? The Cottars

The Cottars Made in Cape Breton cover art
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Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Celtic
length: 3:52
You know I peeked in to say goodnight,
When I heard my child in prayer.
She said, "And for me some scarlet ribbons,
Scarlet ribbons for my hair."

All the stores were closed and shuttered,
And all the streets were dark and bare.
In our town, no scarlet ribbons,
Not one ribbon for her hair.

Through the night my heart was aching.
And just before the dawn was breaking,
I peeked in and on her bed,
In gay profusion lying there,
Lovely ribbons, scarlet ribbons.
Scarlet ribbons for her hair.

If I live to be a hundred,
I will never, never know from where,
Came those lovely scarlet ribbons,
Scarlet Ribbons for her hair.

Scarlet ribbons, there's magic in the air.
Scarlet, scarlet ribbons for her hair.

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