Who Sang Exactly Like You? The Count Basie Orchestra

Release information
Release Date: 1989
length: 5:40
producer: Tom Ueno
orchestra: The Count Basie Orchestra
engineer: Don Hahn and Malcolm Pollack
assistant mixer: David Dill
assistant engineer: Neil Dignon
I used to have a perfect sweetheart
Not a real one, just a dream
A wonderful vision of us as a team
Can you imagine how I feel now
Love is real now, it's ideal
You're just what I wanted
And now it's nice to live
Paradise to live

I know why I've waited
Know why I've been blue
Prayed each night for someone
Exactly like you

Why should we spend money
On a show or two
No one does those love scenes
Exactly like you

You make me feel so grand
I want to hand the world to you
I hope you'll understand
Each foolish little scheme I'm schemin'
And dream I'm dreamin'

Now I know why mother
Taught me to be true
She meant me for someone
Exactly like you

CD 1
  • 1 Booze Brothers
  • 2 Katherine the Great
  • 3 Young and Foolish
  • 4 Do Nothing 'til You Hear From Me
  • 5 Exactly Like You
  • 6 Papa Foss
  • 7 Bring on the Raindrops
  • 8 Whirly Bird
  • 9 The Count Basie Remembrance Suite
  • 10 One O'Clock Jump