Who Sang Algor Mortis: The Linear Rate of Cadaveric Cooling? The County Medical Examiners

Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Death Metal
length: 3:03
Ravaged, torn, and punctured-the carcass oozes from
multiple wounds
Avulsed and sliced, the dermis weeps pus and purge
fluid with clear, viscous goo
Prior to the initial incision, before my scalpel is
baptized b_____ wet
We determine the postmortem interval using a simple
algebraic formula for death...
A direct body core temperature measurement,
postmortemly taken, is the order of the day
The corpse is lifted on its side and a slit in its
pants is cut in the most delicate way
Lacerations leak wasted heat and fluid, as the body
cools in a predictable manner
My a__istant lubricates the thermo-couple probe, a
massive 12-inch long chemical thermometer...
...Freezing hold...
...Corpse gone cold...
...Cooling blood...
...An icy flood...
...The body a husk; its innards are spilt...
...This ferocious a___ probing causes no guilt...
...A facet of my profession, this duty I've sworn...
...I stab forth the thermometer as the a___ is torn...
Environmental conditions of the crime scene are
meticulously recorded
And the room temperature of the dissection room is
dubiously noted
The core temperature of the carcass plummets through
means of convection
Physical science triumphs over life as heat escapes
through radiation...
Moritz's formula is the rule of thumb from which I can
"98.6øF - rectal temperature ? 1.5"
This equation produces the time of death, though
nothing is quite this ideal
Whether oral, rectal, brain or liver, I shall monitor
the temperature with the greatest zeal...
This gelid method of detection has a cold-bloodedly
frigid appeal
Observe the sanguine-streaked suppuration chill, pool,
and congeal
Witness my barbarous severe intubation with
unsanitized tools
Truculently sodomizing corps-icles, making purple raw
recta drool...
...Freezing hold...
...Corpse gone cold...
...Cooling blood...
...An icy flood...
...Postmortem interval, the mystery at hand...
...Thrusting the probe past the prostate gland...
...The carcass is conquered by deaths cold will...
...Not even bactericidal rot can thwart its chill...

CD 1
  • 1 Autopsy Suite
  • 2 Medicocriminal Entomology
  • 3 Vitreous Humor
  • 4 Epicedium for Epidermal Slippage
  • 5 NH2(CH2)4NH2 & C5H14N2 (Putrescine & Cadaverine)
  • 6 Organ Harvest (The Anatomical Gift Act)
  • 7 Rigor Mortis: Posthumous Muscular Rigidity
  • 8 Algor Mortis: The Linear Rate of Cadaveric Cooling
  • 9 Livor Mortis: Gravitational Blood Pooling
  • 10 Pugilistic Burn Postures
  • 11 Y-Shaped Thoracoabodominal Incision
  • 12 Y=1285/X

  • Release information
    label: Razorback Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin