Who Sang Bloatation (Repugnant Refloatation)? The County Medical Examiners

The County Medical Examiners General Surgery / The County Medical Examiners cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Death Metal
length: 3:57
Body density initially sinks the corpse beneath the water surface
But rebellious bacteria active in death create a gaseous transformation most turgid
Putrefaction rancid and ripe inflate the cadaveric methane-filled flesh balloon
The tumescent sack refloats as a swollen ammonia-spewing corpse pontoon

Procumbently drifting, propelled by a jetting zephyr of decompositional gas
Waterlogged, yet buoyant, the corpse teems with algae-fresh water insects amass
Distended with caustic carbon dioxide and repellent hydrogen sulfide
A swollen miasma of inflated cavities slowly leaking sulfur dioxide

A plume of white froth bubbling from bleached submersion-wrinkled lips
Skin sloughing from the bloated abdomen to shriveled pruned fingertips
The decedent's last meal, rich in carbohydrates, aerate the swollen digestive track
Bobbing on the surface, the corpse eructs volumes of acerbic odoriferous gas

Gaseous bloatation
Repugnant refloatation
Nauseous eructation

Excessive egression of sour effluvium ends the stage of Primary Floatation
Spent carcass sinks while putrefactive bacteria breed more fumes for postmortem levitation
Fatty tissues deliquesce and necrotic vapor is produced in order to a__uage
The process of Decomposition who demands another crude refloat: the Secondary Stage

The cadaver triumphantly arises from beneath the bubbling cold surface again
Every inch of tissue swollen with buoyant gases for this putrefactive regimen
A gas bomb issuing tear-inducing stench, a reeking, floating bacterial coffin
The decedent a___ expectorates an abdomen of stale air, causing the carcass to spin

Antemortem microorganisms lead a postmortem mutiny of rot
The drifting stiff's bloated demeanor inspires nausea and distraught
Severe marine predation and mutilation tests the scene investigators stamina
So they call upon credentialed expertsThe County Medical Examiners

The highly buoyant Secondary Refloata chore to dissect and classify
On route to the morgue, my staff is routinely prepped and awaiting me on standby
I displace the gas and deflate the corpse to facilitate the drenched necropsy
As the autopsy suite is perfumed with foul rancorous air and repulsive potpourri

Gaseous bloatation
Repugnant refloatation
Nauseous eructation

CD 1
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  • 2 Lab Rat
  • 3 Mortuary Wars
  • 4 Cauterization Frenzy
  • 5 Reception of Cadavers
  • 6 Decomposer
  • 7 Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology / Sever Catatonic Intersection of Pathological Activities
  • 8 Bloatation (Repugnant Refloatation)
  • 9 Cruentous Mess
  • 10 Forensic Photography
  • 11 A Brief Discourse on Wound Ballistics
  • 12 Cooperative Cadaveric Custody
  • 13 Prosecutor's Bane: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease