The Cramps - Beautiful Gardens Lyrics

release date: 1981-3-27
genres: Rock
styles: Psychedelic Rock/Rockabilly/Punk/Garage Rock/Psychobilly
Oh my ! Oh dear !
What in the world's come over me ?
I'm seeing things that I should never see
Spiders in my eyelids and ghosts in the cheese
What in the world's come over me ?
I've lost touch with reality, reality, reality, reality, reality

Oh my ! Oh dear !
Guess what! The angry sea
Vampire lesbos are after me
I'm coming down here with human needs
I'm coming away from reality, reality, reality, reality, reality
Here wind whistle through my luggage
(?) spark my pretty ten
Ride a boy to outer s___e
Oh my eyeballs ride out of my face
A world of (?) get lover ashtrays
Beautiful gardens they're all kind for games
Oh my (?) back on me
Now I can't get back to
Reality, reality, reality, reality, reality

You know something, music (?) musical

Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
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  • 3 Rockin’ Bones
  • 4 Voodoo Idol
  • 5 Primitive
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  • 7 The Crusher
  • 8 Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk
  • 9 Can’t Find My Mind
  • 10 Jungle Hop
  • 11 Natives Are Restless
  • 12 Under the Wires
  • 13 Beautiful Gardens
  • 14 Green Door