The Cramps - People Ain't No Good Lyrics

release date: 1986
genres: Rock
styles: Garage Rock/Psychobilly/Punk/Rock & Roll
length: 3:46
producer: The Cramps
membranophone: Nick Knox
lead vocals: Lux Interior
guitar: Poison Ivy
bass guitar: Poison Ivy
background vocals: The McMartin Preschool Choir
You know good and well it's true. They never do what you want 'em too. Cuz people ain't no good. They're no good on weekends. When they come out to play. They're no good for bookends. Cuz you can't make 'em stay...hey! People ain't no good. People ain't no good. They never do what I think they should. So people ain't no good. Yeah people are just a waste. They're all over the place. Ya see 'em everywhere ya go. And I don't like their face. And people don't like me. Why I sure don't know. But even a jerk like you could see. It's obviously always get some smile. They always stand like this. They alweays tell ya who is what. Well what I say is this.

Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 How Far Can Too Far Go?
  • 2 The Hot Pearl Snatch
  • 3 People Ain't No Good
  • 4 What's Inside a Girl?
  • 5 Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?
  • 6 Kizmiaz
  • 7 Cornfed Dames
  • 8 Chicken
  • 9 (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
  • 10 Aloha from Hell
  • 11 It's Just That Song