Who Sang I Am That I Am? The Cross Movement

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Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 4:59
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Verse 1: Without the Alaa-Kasam!·
God said I Am· Because God is, without the show biz·
Ain’t no magic in His linguistics·
He is the definition of existence·
Because God is before any thing was·
and God did before anyone does·
From Alpha to Omega· without the·
booooom shaker· He had it going on long before He allowed Sega·
A Wennobaga· will take ya· on a long tour· but He’s got much more·
than you could ever explore· · Infinite· Omnipotent· without descent·
say what He means, means what He meant· ·
The Monumentous, Mr. Advantageous· So Magnifico and yet Solo·
Uno· "Oh No!"· did this mess up the photo in your God portfolio·
Well, prepare for the Bollo· · Cause you know· and I know·
and others do also· God is displaying and saying, "I Am That I AM"

Chorus: Forever past; I Am That I Am·
Forever present; I AM That I AM· Forever future;
I AM That I AM · The Great; I AM That I AM, That I AM

Verse 2: In the beginning was the Word·
and the Word was with God· and the Word was God·
and God is still large· · Though some find Him strange·
He can’t exchange· or rearrange· and you sure can’t change· ·
Makes Himself known· makes Himself heard· makes Himself seen·
all through the Word· · Sometimes a lot a little· sometimes in a riddle·
Sometimes when He’s revealing, it’s hard like peanut brittle· ·
But He’ll break it down into bite size pieces· with a complete thesis·
that we can eat up like Reese’s· · Peanut butter cup·
so good, to the roof of your mouth it’ll get stuck· ·
So you can savor· the flavor· forever·
to keep your spirit strong and your intellect clever· ·
Pull the lever, on all the things you think you know·
shed the dead leaves so you can grow· and sow·
and reap and expand· humble yourself under the
mighty hand of the one that’s saying· I AM

| Chorus | Break |

The Bridge: He’s Omnipresent· ["to the"-(Alternates)]·
Spirit-Jesus Christ

Verse 3: Back on the scene·
the ever existing Almighty Supreme·
the Theme· · who came to earth· thru a super natural birth·
to give the worthless some worth· ·
The Pharisees’ and The Sadducee’s·
always tried to catch Him up in a freeze· ·
But please, how could they do this·
catch the super-cala-fraj-expe-alla-smooth-ness· ·
every time they would try to judge·
He would step up to beat down the grudge· ·
He said "You know your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day.
"· They said "Hey!"· How do you know the father Abraham,·
your not even fifty years old my man?"·
He said "Verily, verily, understand·
Before Abraham was…, Yeah, I AM!

| Bridge |

  • 1 Interlude - Welcome
  • 2 House of Representatives
  • 3 Introducin'
  • 4 Interlude - It or a Thing
  • 5 Playa' Hater No. 1
  • 6 Human Superstars
  • 7 Eyes Off Me (Rophi)
  • 8 I Am That I Am
  • 9 Spare Rituals
  • 10 Off the Hook
  • 11 Interlude - Not on Stage
  • 12 Just 4 You
  • 13 Maze of Madness
  • 14 Interlude - Know Your God
  • 15 The Way
  • 16 The Rescue (He Brought Me Back)
  • 17 Think on These Things
  • 18 Cypha the Next Day
  • 19 Word Up

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    script: Latin