Who Sang Our God? The Cross Movement

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Yeah Lord!
Can we tell 'em about you?
I know they don't know
But they listening right now so we might as well
We just gonna talk about you
We gonna vibe wit' you
Help 'em vibe wit' you Lord
They prolly never heard

You prolly never had the living God unpacked
Unpacked by some rapper the living God don' jacked
For His own purpose, you know it's seems to bug
People the way He mends though he picks up scrubs
Like you won't like me, but enough of this intro
Introducing this God, gotta give up for this info
Info all about the One that the texts calls 'Yahweh'
Yahweh is the I am he had a Son come our way
Our way to Yahweh is the man Christ Jesus
Jesus is the Son Yahweh sent to man. Christ breezes
Breezes to another person known as God the Spirit
The Spirit is the third person of the God Head, hear it
Here it is, the foundation. God's Triune
This things hard, Hard to lay out in sixteen bars
Bars of truth about God, Doesn't this seem odd?
A rapper would bring truth heavy as 16 cars

Our God!
I decided to write. I acquired a mic
I want your eye on the Christ
'Cause he is our God!
Ain't no body like Him. That's just why we like Him
Plus we got our life from
Jesus our God!
We won't stop till every block is listenin'
He's on top, 'cause on top is his proper
'Cause this our God!
What other God would cop from every race
Of people so we could show off His grace
No one but our God!

You ever heard the word attributes?
Attributes describe; God's got so many vibe, some of them I have to shoot
Shoot, eternality just to start it off
Off the time line, he was here before he started all
All knowing, all powerful, all present. Yes yes
These are the omni's of God. He's at His best
In every way, in every class. His very breath
Creates and sustains every day and every step
Step with me. Get with me, you know I'm movin' y'all
I'm movin y'all. To see the sovereign Lord who proves it all
It all comes closer as sin comes to the forefront
Front if you want His grace and mercy. We all want
We all want love, but none of us want wrath
Wrath is in the package, the enemy won't last
Last, but not least He's beautiful
Holy, He's Just, Transcendent, He's Immanent Plus Immutable


I kick this for you, though it bores you. Isn't it disloyal
To dis God, when this God picked us from soil
Soil was given the shine like he dipped us in oil
Oil is the sign of God's Spirit who boils
Boiling. Hot flashes is what he gives. It's for you
For you to give it back. Lord, let this adore you
A door to this God is all narrow is all, Get out
Get out, is what you hear to narrow tree. Spit out
Spit out the lukewarm. The Lukewarm
Those who really don't know, The God of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
But now you have life, so does the Ambassador
Ambassador, Uses the mic just like a rapper does
A rapper doesn't usually recite the story of
His story of Him, who gets the sole "Gloria"
Glory to Jesus, the way to the father
Father now we can call you more than God
We can call you ABBA. You're God


  • 1 Our God
  • 2 Louder
  • 3 Trust In Him (feat. Robert 'Don' Barham)
  • 4 Spare Change
  • 5 Tapestry
  • 6 I Love You
  • 7 9-10
  • 8 Back For This
  • 9 Clap Your Hands
  • 10 Name Up (feat. Tedashii)
  • 11 Get That
  • 12 Now Who's the Man? (feat. Iz-real)
  • 13 Clarity (feat. Mac the Doulos)
  • 14 What Chu Say
  • 15 We Were They
  • 16 Big Things
  • 17 The Last Cypha (feat. Trip Lee, R-Swift, Mac the Doulos, Iz-real, Flame & Da' T.R.U.T.H.)

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