Who Sang Face of Destruction/Deep Hit of Death? The Crown

The Crown Possessed 13 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-20
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal/Thrash
length: 2:59
Endless structures rise and fall Enormous waves ever roll The all of your soul The strings of your world
Breaking away Explode from inside A needle point at the horizon Shooting down from a murderous sky
Growing fast - Approaching THe Rolling Power - Smattering Force
Face of Destruction - Deep hit of death Reflecting in your animal eyes With no mercy at its hands
Stop your blood in hopeless fear One look in its eyes ANd everyone denies That they ever have seen
The light in its shine One taste of its, black You know there's no way back As you stand before death
All alone Dead are your tears As the deep hit of death shatters your soul
With no mercy at command You return to ever rolling waves Chainstorm reaction Fast black knife
Bitter shine Driving the spike deep through your mind Weak and mean All is energy One and the same
Can't be destroyed Just changing form The all of your soul The strings in your world Breaking away
Growing fast - Approaching The rolling power - Shattering force Face of Destruction - Deep hit of deah
Reflecting in your carrion eyes With no mercy at its hands Make you lose your human form
Die into eternity! ...Deep ...Deep ...Hit ...of Death

CD 1
  • 1 No Tomorrow
  • 2 Face of Destruction/Deep Hit of Death
  • 3 Deliverance
  • 4 Cold Is the Grave
  • 5 Dream Bloody Hell
  • 6 Morningstar Rising
  • 7 Are You Morbid?
  • 8 Bow to None
  • 9 Kill ’em All
  • 10 Natashead Overdrive
  • 11 Zombiefied!
  • 12 Dawn of Emptiness
  • 13 In Memoriam
    CD 2
  • 1 Last Rite
  • 2 Seventh Gate
  • 3 Deadspawn
  • 4 Diachronic Damnation
  • 5 The Lord of the Rings
  • 6 Beyond Where Darkness Dwells
  • 7 Forever Heaven Gone
  • 8 Soulicide Demon‐Might
  • 9 Godless
  • 10 Neverending Dream
  • 11 Candles
  • 12 Burnin’ Leather
  • 13 Rebel Angel (demo)