Who Sang Official Terrorism? The Crucifucks

Release information
Release Date: 1984
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 1:27
it's been a while since they shot him down. these guys with guns they get around. they save their f****** monument to murder. it's a circus tent. then memphis guns they had their day, blowing lots of blacks away. the blacks they tortured one of theirs. it's seven to one and no one cares. i wanna see a tribe of indians. armed and angry indians. i wanna see a thousand angry punks. unite with filthy gutter drunks. why not even up the score. if we don't they'll just kill some more. i love norm. you should too. but i'm not gonna tell you what to do. i'll just laugh while you b**** about your problems, but don't b**** at us just because we know the truth.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
  • 2 Go Bankrupt and Die
  • 3 You Give Me the Creeps
  • 4 Marching for Trash
  • 5 Legal Genocide
  • 6 I Am the Establishment
  • 7 Cops for Fertilizer
  • 8 Hinkley Had a Vision
  • 9 By the Door
  • 10 Oh Where, Oh Where?
  • 11 I Was
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  • 13 Official Terrorism
  • 14 No One Can Make Me Play Along With This
  • 15 Down on My Knees