Who Sang Similar Items? The Crucifucks

Release information
Release Date: 1984
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 2:32
Are there any clean washcloths dear?
I am going to empty this ashtray, in about half an hour.
Should this glass be sitting on this particular corner of the table?
See that pencil.
I used to have one just like that.
See that pencil! I did.
I had one just like it!!
A clean towel is in the closet.
a clean towel is in the closet.
This is a wonderful day.
The shelf is nailed to the wall.
this is a wonderful day!
I wish my mommy would call.

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
  • 2 Go Bankrupt and Die
  • 3 You Give Me the Creeps
  • 4 Marching for Trash
  • 5 Legal Genocide
  • 6 I Am the Establishment
  • 7 Cops for Fertilizer
  • 8 Hinkley Had a Vision
  • 9 By the Door
  • 10 Oh Where, Oh Where?
  • 11 I Was
  • 12 Similar Items
  • 13 Official Terrorism
  • 14 No One Can Make Me Play Along With This
  • 15 Down on My Knees