Who Sang Confusion? The Crüxshadows

The Crüxshadows The Mystery of the Whisper cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Electro/Goth Rock/Synth-pop
length: 2:34
you are the hands that grab me
I am forgotten
and you are alone
perfect stimulation
make me a treasure....
make me a gun.
I am the mountain
that watches the valley
pretending the answer
lies under my thumb
I am your secret
that makes you feel stronger
that makes you act colder
when I'm around
I am the Angel
you are the hatred
that has sipped my blood
and broken my wing
I am forgotten
but you are forgiven
still I long for the sleep
that never comes to me
I am empty.....
I am cold.....
I am cold.....

I don't understand what's going on...

CD 1
  • 1 Isis & Osiris (Life/Death)
  • 2 Cruelty
  • 3 Leave Me Alone
  • 4 Insomnia
  • 5 Breathe
  • 6 Regrets
  • 7 Confusion
  • 8 Sympathy (For Tomorrow)
  • 9 Aten-Ra
  • 10 Do You Believe...
  • 11 Heaven's Gaze
  • 12 Heart on My Sleeve
  • 13 There Are Some Secrets...
  • 14 Nothing
  • 15 Even Angels Fall
  • 16 Monument
  • 17 Death/Reunite