Who Sang A Heartbeat Away? The Dark Clan

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I can still remember
the last words you spoke to me
as I was lowered down
you said: "this earth won't keep you
I'll return by the light of the moon
when next it is full"

you'll come to me
wake me into my death
forever, forever by your side

I'm waiting for you
I'm lost in my love
Darkness descends as I rise
Eternal the night
the veil of the stars
hang from that light in your eyes

And the grave is cleansing
stripping off the layers of regret
pain and doubt cast aside
Husk of chrysalis
discarded mortality around me
I'm quit of the day

I hear night's heart
I did not notice it before
It beats so wild and true

CD-R 1
  • 1 Lestat in Cuba
  • 2 Beauty
  • 3 A Heartbeat Away
  • 4 The Mojo Song
  • 5 Gothicke Nocturne
  • 6 Rise
  • 7 Up a Bit
  • 8 Melt
  • 9 Vitriol
  • 10 Reis Glorios