Who Sang Beauty? The Dark Clan

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I'd love to take you away from this
But I think you're a part of it
It's funny how that occurred to me
Just from seeing your face
You're the wild card, you ruin the hand
You break the spirit and you change the plans
You'll raise the tension in every room you enter
For all your life

Beauty makes me sad,
And that's the way of the world when it's whirling around me
Beauty makes me sad
And there's a lie I believe
When I'm looking into your eyes

I can't help but pay you mind
Be you cruel or be you kind
What's it like to be beloved
Just for being seen?
Will you ever know the hearts around you,
Possessors, obsessors, the false, the true?
Will you ever know the secret thoughts
That they don't know themselves?


Conflicting emotions all stemming from you that you won't care to know.
Majestic one, in your grief, you know not where I go
Why do I want to make you happy, why care so much so soon?
Perhaps I know the hatred harbored for the handsomest one in the room.
You're the winner, the loser, the king, the fool
Dichotomies contained in you.
I don't know if I could hold it all together
Under such strain.

If you catch my eye from across the room
Will you know that I feel sorry for you?
For all the things you'll never have and
Even those you will...


CD-R 1
  • 1 Lestat in Cuba
  • 2 Beauty
  • 3 A Heartbeat Away
  • 4 The Mojo Song
  • 5 Gothicke Nocturne
  • 6 Rise
  • 7 Up a Bit
  • 8 Melt
  • 9 Vitriol
  • 10 Reis Glorios