Who Sang Stampede of Love? The Darkness

The Darkness Pinewood Smile cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-10-6
length: 3:53
You walked in and the ground shook
Can't believe how much food you took
Looked at me with those hungry eyes
You were eyeing up my fries
To the naked eye, you're a perfect sphere
Stomach bulging out to here
Don't know if my high will last
Ain't never had a love this fast

Feeding time, you take more than you need
Feeding time, prepare for the stampede
Of love

You float the wave, beautiful and swell
You wear your house like a tortoise shell
I can't wait to see you again
You heft her higher in her crate
I saw you at the beach today
You looked quite thin, but you were just far away

Feeding time, you take more than you need
Feeding time, and now for the stampede
Of love
When two planets collide
We will never divide
Stampede of love

Crossed the sand on a donkey ride
Great fun till the donkey died

Let's really hold it down, guys
Let's really lock in, yeah?
D'you want me to play slightly behind the beat on this one?

**** you, you ****ing ****!

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