Who Sang Hypnotize? The Darlings

Release information
Release Date: 2011-4-1
length: 3:13

Hold tight for we've gone too far again
Sucked dry but the thirst never quenched
Her death stare can tear a hold
Through your pride unstoppable
Lets drain all the pleasure rob your soul
Your loves like a chemical take me all the way
I'm yours just make this feeling stay
Hypnotized eaten alive oh oh oh
I've kissed the gates of hell and lost my mind
A three ring circus romance
They take turns because I got no defense
Pull me in I'm your satellite
Constellation black paradise
Enter through the eyes to rape the mind

  • 1 Hypnotize
  • 2 Where Do We Go
  • 3 American Dream
  • 4 Broken Heart Still Beating
  • 5 Head Hunter
  • 6 Take Me Back
  • 7 Untitled
  • 8 Fight Alone
  • 9 Someone Else At the Wheel
  • 10 The Aggressor
  • 11 These Wings
  • 12 The Hard Goodbye
  • 13 Let's Roll