Who Sang Bloodbath? The Dayton Family

The Dayton Family F.B.I. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-9-24
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:58
d___, is that Bootleg
d___, I could've swore I just saw Backstabber
d___, I gotta leave that s___ alone

It's your nutty n____ how you figure you can take my s___ and break
Try that s___ you thinkin bout and hollowpoint gone lead your wake
Cause ain't no jackin me for no green, we done no dividends
n_____s get they s___ blew up, so m_________er best a friend
Killin his so-so block, or straight up pull out his glock
He's been shot, took his knot
Left him in the parking lot
No mercy on the enemy, the b____es are ridin on flat fours
Bullet holes in they doors, squeeze that s___ that blows them foes
Ghetto nappy, trigger happy so you gots to watch yo back
Can't be thuggin, hoes be buggin when they see us pull this strap
Blood is leakin, what you thinkin there's no other way around it
Searchin for some static, its automatic b____ you hope you found it
He's been grouded six feet deep
Where he stood is wear he sleep
My hustle been lackin them grams
and ain't no worker for me gone play me cheap
We play for keeps you strike the street b____ with your head missing
When we was ballin, you was fallin headed for the kitchen
With sticky fingers, now the singers for the F-E-D
Won't do they time, but do they crime and lick these b____es feet
That boy's a p____, but a b____ wanna play that gangsta roll
Snitchin on players, got to save us when they pockets swoll
f___in with the game, you be on crack with your brain
Tellin on your man, but you slip sometimes and f___in change
Rollin on they side, in a G-ride while these n____z slippin
Dumpin their bodies like John Gotti now they mother's trippin
Hadn't been no snitch, you rottin a__ b____
good enough to raise your child
Quick fakin wild, cause the aftermath is also foul
Cut you in half, murder your staff sit back and laugh
Cause down on Dayton its going to be a f___in blood bath

Chorus: repeat 8X

Down on Dayton its going to be a f___in blood bath

I got more style than prison's got bricks (ain't that some s___)
My everyday is a mafia flick (let me make this quick)
I f___ more groupies than rockin roll singers (better ask my click)
Laughin like laughin hyena when killin (rippin up your s___)
Stretchin these n____s like caine when cut (strap on your nuts)
My d___ is fatter than silicone b___s (better ask your s___s)
I'm out for murder like n_____s on bond (pullin out yo guts)
I be bootleggin like I was the Don (cross me get f___ed)
Treating you with stitches like doctors in clinics
(but I'm not your nurse)
f___in with this style Ira Dorsey invented (like this and first)
I'm stackin Franklin's like tellers in banks (and to make s___ worse)
I keep my pistols like brothers keep drinks
(here to quench your thirst)
I'm schoolin n____z like teachers and tutors (don't be late for class)
My aim is straighter than state shooter (aiming at that a__)
I throw more blows than hookers on strips (don't drop that pass)
I'm intercepting with dances and flip (break fools like glass)
I'm so d___ cold that i'm freezing the stage (hang up your coat)
I'm small but deadly like hand grenades (shoved down your throat)
I'm keepin n_____s in line like feds (nuts hang like ropes)
I killed more honkies than OJ than slayed (in L.A. keep)
Smokin more bud than Jamaicans can roll (n_____ pass that cess)
You like a leach on my d___ so let go (before I snap yo neck)
I'm not Steve Walker though families still matter
(better check yo hoe)
Your roll is slow my bankroll is much fatter (Gotta make some more)
I killed more n____z than deadly diseases (their ain't no cure)
I prophesize like Muhammad or Jesus (pump pump no more)
I'm stabbin b____es like n____s with life (don't cross my staff)
Cause if you do Reaper's takin your life
Blood bath on Dayton Ave


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