Who Sang Newspaper? The Dayton Family

The Dayton Family F.B.I. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-9-24
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:48
hey bob, yes tom, guess what i just f___ing heard man, whats that, dayton familys tape there f___ing talking about us man and our momma's too,ohh yea well i got something for those f___s im'a talk about there momma's there daddy's and there whole f___ing family there gonna wish they never said s___ about the news paper HAHAHA.

Thats right cut them lights off we gonna ride n____. 1996,97 night time bout 93 degree's you know how to do it baby, leaving n____'s b_____ is the nuttiest for the nine six, more blades than OJ since my clict be pimps we aint buying s___ we 4 deep in the grand prix, system wanna band me,Harlem Green cant stand me so he's locking up the Family, these copa's wanna beat ya, and they treat ya like they daddy, you sucka motha f___a's badge busta's ya'll aint had me,send the shots out to the journal white b____'s i dont sleep with ya, Motha f___ your story still cuz Shoestring rules the media,Hatdcore say no more f___ you and your newspaper momma should have fought you and told you not to f___ a playa,Im talking bout the black race you b____es aint s___ but bad look, should be trying to help a n____ instead you f___in his name up, sayin what ya wanna and ya gonna cuz you richa, so im'a get'ya lying a__ cuz you paint your own picture, who you think you talking to quit f___ing with dayton avenue we aint fearin s___ b____es not even the boys in blue,Journal since you know so much theres no reason theres no excuse tell me who killed dat, trick, colouis and that n____ juice, it could have been the jailbirds they say it was the ? they hunted him like a horse and beat that boy with no remorse,you bout to have a heart attack, b____s J i said that, These motha f___in n____'s from these hoods want they corners back,copp'as like to lie and scheme popo's aint s___ but feans, when it comes to f___ing up another motha f___a's dreams,boomin ready f___ the fedi and they petty crime, see me on switches now these snitches wanna drop a dime,copp'as in tree's on they knee's as they creep's and crawls, no need to panic but you busta's let'em sqeeze yo ballz,your under presure when they sweat so you talking quick,pist off yo b____ now she done gave the fed's yo brick, yo mouth is bigga than the motha f___in aligator so f___ so system and motha f___ yo newspaper

[quorus]Girl singing:
this s___ that you doooo, the s___ that you sayyyyyy, wont f___ with my mind wont f___ up my dayyy, you keep talking s___ while you catchin newpapers, so motha f___ what you thought and motha f___ yo newspaper

Bootleg rapping:
Get yo mind off Ira's business maybe you can find you some, though bootleg wasnt comin back i bet you b____s feelin dumb,makin n____'s numb cuz when i come i come like h____ men, f___in for the first time and aint never gonna get no a__ again, hoes all in my thunderbird and the b____ dont even know my flavor, talkin bout my federal case bring gossip with your friends and neighbors,b____ im to legit to quit, breakin hoes and n____s off you want my clict to go cuz we make you clict look weak and soft,you n____s p___ me off you know my buisness like you know yo kids, all up in the club talking bout some s___ you heard that Ira did,b____ im just a man out here struggalin to make his pay, life is hard enough without your rumors standin in my way, Ira this,Bootleg that,b____ you havin dorsey strokes, aint got no life of your own so you hang around all these other folks,in the ghetto is no joke, crabs in a bucket bath, when you try to get ahead they pull you down that aint never gone change, i use to be nieve get caught up in what these b____s think, what these b____s think didnt put no food or dishes in my sink, dissing me like I.C.E C you be E publicity, why you in my buisness that one fact remains a mystery, chemistry to diss a G,why you playa hatin me, that killa with buisness thats everything yo b____ a__ wanna be,you rappin styles i used to rap, tappin hoes i been done tapped,dayton aint ever changed we put this motha f___a on the map, motha f___ yo talkin stalkin hawkin like a play hata,i f___ed yo sister and f___ you and motha f___ yo newspaper

CD 1
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  • 2 Hand That Rocks the Cradle
  • 3 F.B.I.
  • 4 Real With This
  • 5 Player Haters (feat. Esham)
  • 6 Eyes Closed
  • 7 Whats on My Mind II
  • 8 Killer G's
  • 9 Posse Is Dayton Ave.
  • 10 Bloodbath
  • 11 Newspaper
  • 12 Stick and Move
  • 13 Ghetto