Who Sang Whats on My Mind II? The Dayton Family

The Dayton Family F.B.I. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-9-24
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:20
Yeah, I want to dedicate this song to Jonathan Myers,
Morris Peterson, Gemini Smith, and Matthew Hingle.
What's on yo mind?

No demonstration on this nation, as a murderfest
Got us locked in the jailcell, the others they was put to rest
I had no teacher, it was like my pops had passed away
Bought me a sweet and snapped his fingers, he was gone away
My house is hell, I used bail down there on ?Acre? street
Whole hood on ABC, pops in penetentiary
Caught in the system, he's a victim of his shorty's past
His son's a killa on the for reala, you best to watch yo stash
What's on my mind, is my brotha's name Rodney King?
Coulda been Shoestring, instead the devil chose Malice Green
Can't go to sleep, not too deep cause I be hearin shots,
Down on my block bodies drop, it'll never stop
The ghetto drama for yo mama is a wicked sin
God save her soul, don't wanna say it but my mom's a fiend
Stand in the rain, can't take the pain, the stress is kickin in
Mack's in the pen cause it was all about his dividends
Life was a struggle, had to hustle, and sometimes buckle
A swollen knuckle, lockin up was the ghetto couple
Out to get rich, but I'm no snitch, no need to drop a dime,
My future's blind, now tell me what's on yo mind

Chorus: Tell me, tell me, what's on yo mind? (2X)
(What's on my mind, what's on my mind,

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