Who Sang Long Gone? The Dead South

The Dead South Good Company cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-6-26
length: 2:18
producer: Orion Paradis and The Dead South
performer: The Dead South
mixer: Orion Paradis
recording engineer: Orion Paradis
writer: The Dead South

I'll be gone, for so long
Don't you come around

Got me runnin' all around, Where I am runnin' I won't be found Oh No no no no

Said you loved me once last time, I ran so fast I blew your mind Oh no no no no

Now its time to go find, What I had on my mind Oh no no no no

Sadly it was never you, I'd rather have sex with my shoe Oh no no no no

I'll Be gone, for so long
Don't you come around Followed me right up a tree, n all the way down to Tennessee Oh no no no no

It was time to give it up, so I ran her over with my truck Oh no no no no

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