Who Sang Manly Way? The Dead South

The Dead South Good Company cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-6-26
length: 1:47
producer: Orion Paradis and The Dead South
performer: The Dead South
mixer: Orion Paradis
recording engineer: Orion Paradis
writer: The Dead South

Hey there baby you sting like a bee
Everybody just wants to see what it is so sweet in you
Must be your honey seeping' through
You shoot like a man
And kick like a mule
You and't no body's fool

Wearing them boots like you ranchin' all day
And heading out to a line dance in the hay
I like my coffee black, (get that milk out of his coffee)
And I love my liquor straight (Get that guy a whiskey)
With a chew in my lip (He's got tobacco in his mouth)

Now, that's the manly way
That's the manly way
Life should always be that way

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