Who Sang Hollywood? The Dean's List feat. Dani Ummel

Dani Ummel Generation X cover art
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Release Date: 2012-4-3
length: 2:49

[Featuring: Dani Ummel]

[Verse 1: The Dean's List]
Black kid, couple of white girls sipping on life
And it feels alright, girl
White kids bumping this shit felling all black
Like this is our world
Fucking awesome, pretty good boy
Educated like a thief in the hood boy
No key stone, got the password, baby yelling how
Fucking madverbs
Levitate up to the top, before you drop
And if the elevator falls you gotta hustle till it stops
Fucking awesome, pretty good boy
Educated like a thief in the hood boy
Ever wondered why the thunder never stops
Got the sky yelling sunny and the world on lock
Girl don't talk, if it works don't stop
Make it hurt, hurt, hurt a lot
You a freak we know it, I heard a lot
Trying to act all funny, you ain't heard of us
When you chilling at the show, looking nervous
Thinking of some ways you could probably work to earn this
Fixing your hair in the mirror in the bathroom
Get your fix on in the mirror in the last room
Mix girl, mix girl, ready for the mix girl
Liquor for the whole team, shots for the rich girl, okay

[Hook: Dani Ummel]
It's getting harder to hide the way I feel
They said this was meant for us is tonight a part of the deal
We were kids without ambition now it's all alright
Keep this playing in you're system then you run all night
Hollywood, hollywood, hollywood, hollywood

[Verse 2: The Dean's List]
You're probably in L.A. working at the bar
Little something that I call throwin money in a jar
Hope it all works out, I do, I do
You hate this city, that's cool, that's cool
I'll probably be in frisco, partyin in the bay
If you ever need a moment you can hop my way
Oh girl, don't worry bout the bus, don't worry bout the drug
Just focus on the rush, yeah
If we ever get to Hollywood let this all out
Show them that you got it, yeah you got it no doubt
It's all about the power, power's alright
Even when it stops we can party all night


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Birth
  • 3 Youth
  • 4 Hollywood
  • 5 Growth
  • 6 Love
  • 7 XXX
  • 8 The King's Jazz
  • 9 Culture / High
  • 10 Ce soir (Tonight)
  • 11 American
  • 12 Pain / Money
  • 13 My Generation
  • 14 Trust
  • 15 The Motive
  • 16 Take Shape

  • Release information
    label: aveNUE Music Partnerships
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin