Who Sang Growth? The Dean's List

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Release Date: 2012-4-3
length: 2:25
I never relate how we..high
looking down on the kiss and sip by
put the hands in the air like uh
we ain't ..looking like ..
everything shots we ..
I put it down bambi
I'm so with..down we..sitting in my front
all my old songs sound so ..they can't leave it alone
this next year is all mine
my next girl is so fine
two steps ahead of them
even from my eye got the city ..
bitches so all over they shit
on the phone I'm on the zone
I can't believe how much we grown
is for you is for us
I don't ..give a f*ck
I guess is not just anybody
we feel like we somebody

Oh you just noticed, noticed
Oh you just noticed, noticed
Oh you just noticed, noticed
Oh you just noticed, noticed

Hello my nigga is ..so is stupid see that stuff slow
and I owe how the f*ck we get so gone
if our drink was not that strong
this turn me on but they don't deserve the song
so this far from you ah
girl go go nuts so
get stupid at your loco
and I owe how the f*ck you guess so
how the f*ck you get is beautiful
that fragrance is unusual
my ..simple bangs ..wake up and

2 x
Is for you is for us, and all those kids don't give a f*ck
I guess when I just anybody probably ..like we somebody enough

It's Rose, don't taste good is ..ain't gonna do it
I need to give my cup and she've been diming the door
I could do it in a minute
I need magic in my cup and she ..just to do it
I can do it in a minute
and look like it's so easy
and relevant to life and maybe look like it's so pretty
..over here there's not an option
we just poppin more than life
we gonna steal it like it's nothing
I'm gonna kill with old skill
reflection with no deal
I'm so ..my flow kills and red
..the old feel oh baby

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Birth
  • 3 Youth
  • 4 Hollywood
  • 5 Growth
  • 6 Love
  • 7 XXX
  • 8 The King's Jazz
  • 9 Culture / High
  • 10 Ce soir (Tonight)
  • 11 American
  • 12 Pain / Money
  • 13 My Generation
  • 14 Trust
  • 15 The Motive
  • 16 Take Shape

  • Release information
    label: aveNUE Music Partnerships
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin