Who Sang This Beautiful Life? The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter Act III: Life and Death cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-6-23
length: 4:05
One foot, then the other
Such embarrassment
It wasn't meant that
I, I should discover
Such offensive things
The suffering since

(Hoped to the ground?)
But I really never had enough
They've got pride in him
This tide turns lives over

A back-town prophecy
Adorned in stony skin
We never ever [never ever]
Ever had to like to move ahead
But here in oblivion
We cling to what we can
So in the end [in the end]
We can say that with these hands
We took it all back
It all back

So let us force a smile
And pretend that we're alive
Oh, but somewhere
None of this happened
The bullets removed themselves
Life is beautiful
I have a home above the lake where I could

Forget the words to the songs that we've heard
The passages read all the names in a world
That have brought us this pain
From the wounds we've sustained
A cold calloused heart
Sitting still in this cave of a chest
So abandon a life from before
A boy and his innocence

CD 1
  • 1 Writing on a Wall
  • 2 In Cauda Venenum
  • 3 What It Means to be Alone
  • 4 The Tank
  • 5 The Poison Woman
  • 6 The Thief
  • 7 Mustard Gas
  • 8 Saved
  • 9 He Said He Had a Story
  • 10 This Beautiful Life
  • 11 Go Get Your Gun
  • 12 Son
  • 13 Father
  • 14 Life and Death